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Christmas? The Reason for the Season?
I Don’t Think So
As TV and radio are blathering on about the birth of Jesus and people are posting “The reason for the season”, and putting “Christ back in Christmas“, I would like to suggest that the 71% of the U.S. who call themselves Christian stop for a moment and take a really good look at what they are promoting.
Firstly, let us take a look at the ‘birthday of Jesus’.
The Bible says when Jesus was born, the shepherds were in the field with their flocks (Luke 2:8). This means he could have been born no later than October, so the date is wrong. Further, the Bible teaches to note the day of death, not of birth (Ecclesiastes 7).
So what DID happen on that date? The old Pagans welcomed back the SUN, which reaches it’s lowest point at the Winter Solstice (Dec 21), is dead for three days (Dec 22, 23, 24) and begins to rise (or is born) on Dec 25. Doesn’t it make more sense that this date was chosen to persuade the Pagans to worship the new god?
How about the tree? Everyone loves the pretty tree, right? Well, the Bible says not to cut down the tree and bring it into the home and fix it to the floor and deck it with gold and silver and even goes on to say don’t use the most popular colors of that season. All of this, it says, is the work of Pagans and the followers of the god of Abraham are NOT to have anything to do with it (Jeremiah 10). This was, in fact, the celebration of Saturn called Saturnalia. And the pretty lights? Well, that was a way of bringing in the Roman new year.
Well, you can at least enjoy the gifts to remember the Wise Men bringing them to the baby Jesus… or can you? Sorry, this was handed down by the Romans during Saturnalia long before the Wise Men brought any gifts… But those wise men at least help make the nativity scene look good, except for the fact that the Bible doesn’t say they were even there, let alone that there were three of them. Today, we even see them with three different races (talk about creative liberties). In fact, the wise men don’t show up until Jesus is about two years old and the Bible never says how many there were.
And the food and drink… Christmas HAM anyone? The ham the god of Abraham forbids you to eat. Have a beer and watch the game?... But remember that eating too much and getting drunk is also forbidden by that god. And don’t forget to keep score on that game of war so we know how much money we won.
How about that Jolly Fat Guy? Can a Christian leave out some cookies for him? Well, if you leave out a Coke as well, but he is still a bunch of Pagan fragments put together by the Coca-Cola company and blown up to be life size in order to make a sale. And for all the fuss about him being White: sorry but he always was, like it or not. The man himself is the god Odin. And his eight little reindeer helpers? They morphed from Sleipnir, Odin’s flying eight-legged horse. Then, of course, we have Rudolf, who is the simple product of a song the quickly became part of the tradition.
It’s just tradition, isn’t it; just Family time? I mean you have the people who don’t even believe in Jesus, or Abraham’s god or any god at all and yet they are celebrating Christmas. Some of them would rather call it Xmas or Yule but take part just the same. Well, maybe if your tradition only goes back about 100 years. Before that time, what everyone assumes has always been was never done. In fact, in the beginning of what is now the U.S., Christmas was banned as a Pagan day. The Bible even teaches not only that you can NOT do all this Pagan stuff, but that if you find it being done, you are to utterly destroy it (Deut 12:2).
Then, of course, there are my favorite partakers of this day, the Pagans who say they do it for any reason from “It’s for the children, or old people, or family“ to “It‘s the one time of year we can give and get gifts“ (I‘m sorry, I thought that was what birthdays where for). Some Pagans chose to call it Yule as if to separate themselves from the Christians, but Yule was a Germanic feast: no gifts, no tree, and not anyone’s birthday. It is not mentioned outside of that until the 700’s CE, long after Christians began to rule, and was later engulfed by Christianity as part of Christmas. The Neo-Pagans have claimed this name of Yule but kept all the other elements of Christmas as a way of continuing to practice Christianity in a Pagan setting. There has even come about some great stories of how the gifts are from or to the Earth and the whole thing is a calibration of Nature. Frankly, I have more respect for a Pagan who just admits they can’t let go of that part of Christianity.
That brings us to the Eclectic Neo-Pagan who just goes around taking bits of what he likes from each path, including Christianity. This person truly believes in nothing and in everything at the same time. They would make great politicians as they simply adapt to whatever is popular and suits them at the moment.
There is ONE group of people who have every reason to promote and love Christmas: the Merchants. The very people who complain about the rich don’t seem to mind making them richer this time of year, going into debt that will take them the next year to pay off… if they pay it off at all. The Merchants bring in more money this month then the rest of the year combined. They like this day so much that it has been expanded to before Thanksgiving and to after New Years and even has a cameo in July. Yes, people of Earth, there truly is a Reason for the Season and it is cold hard CASH.
And so, perhaps alone, I watch the sun die on Dec 21 and I welcome it back on Dec 25 and I try my very best to ignore the many add-ons to this time of year and remember what the true reason for the season is.
Something to Think about,
from the priest of Seekers Temple


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