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Continuing to Grow


Growth is necessary in all areas of life: business, science, industry, etc.
This is especially true in our lives as Pagans.  But spiritual growth must be well-rounded, balanced growth:  A Pagan must grow in knowledge, in faith, in character, and in good works.  The Pagan must not be full of knowledge while his actions remain unmoved.  
The Pagan must continue growing ever more productive.  

It is beneficial to be aware of those things which act as




Effortless Activity:  
Growing as a Pagan is not automatic.  We can still be a “Newbie” after many years.   Growth requires effort, but those who are spiritually lazy will simply follow the course of least resistance and forever remain “Newbie’s”, or may simply stop learning altogether and walk away from their path.  


Some people make a good beginning, but get discouraged and quit.  Reasons for this may be personal problems, lack of encouragement from other Pagans, lack of finance or any number of things that make continuing seem hopeless.  

But consider this:
We have never had the problems of those in the “Burning Times“.  And so we should be encouraged to continue to grow and learn.  


The Law of Inaction:
A knife stays bright when it’s used, but an unused knife becomes rusty.  So it is with Pagans, we lose what knowledge, ability, and opportunity we have when we do not use them.  Unless we continue in our learning, we will simply drift away from being Pagan.  


Gardens, trees and flowers do not grow well when crowded.  So also our spiritual growth will be hindered if we allow others to crowd out our spiritual life.  We may become too busy to attend to the needs of the gods.  We may get so occupied with our daily chores that we have little time for the gods.  We may be so busy with school that worship and study are crowded out.  We might get so tied down with other duties that we do not have time to spend with the gods and just put it off until it no longer seems important.  


Despite all these Hindrances, we can continue our spiritual Growth by simply:


Becoming an Active Temple Volunteer:
There is work for everyone, and it is best to start with something you are able to handle.  Even the most humble service can be a source of joy for those who are doing it for the gods.


Offering our services to the elders:
These people will be glad to find work for you to do.  Sometimes they hesitate to call on people for help if they are not sure the people are willing.  But let them know that you have the attitude to do the job and they will be thankful.  
Look for work needing to be done.  The best servant of the gods is one who can see things that need to be done and do them without having to be ask.  Most of us are good critics, so why not put that ability to good use:  Whenever we see something we want to criticize, take that as an opportunity to show how it should be done.  Someone else’s failure is often our opportunity to be of service.  

Spend time each day alone with the gods, engaged in meditation and study.  Time consistently spent will supply the spiritual nourishment necessary for spiritual growth.  


Have an informal study group:
Meet with other Pagans in an informal setting to study together.  This provides opportunity for mutual sharing and encouragement which leads to even more knowledge and spiritual growth.  


Become a guide for other Pagans:
Even if you don’t do the actual teaching, you can lead others.  Those involved in leading others rarely ever stop growing themselves.  The best way to learn is to teach.   


Finally, Do Constant Self-Examinations:  
We should examine ourselves often in our relation to the gods.  

We should ask ourselves:
Do I have a better knowledge than one year ago?  If not, perhaps I am not applying myself. 
Am I as interested in the Pagan life today as when I first started?  If not, what has taken this interest?  
Have I helped someone else to become a Pagan?  If not, perhaps I should be teaching others.  
Am I enjoying life as a Pagan?  If not, what can I do to change this?  
Am I improving my life and becoming more like a Pagan?  If not, am I truly walking a Pagan path?  
Do I set a good example for other Pagans?  If not, perhaps I should review how I live and how I am seen by other just beginning this path.  
Am I growing in my study, meditation and worship?  If not, perhaps I should dedicate more time to this part of my life.  

Self-examination is not an easy process, but true spiritual growth is impossible without it.  

If we do these things, we will successfully embark on a spiritual journey that will last forever.  It is sad that many Pagans are often just Pagan enough to be miserable; while there life could be filled with joy and peace.  They are just Pagan enough to have the problems to be expected from society, but not enough to find the serenity of the simple act of speaking with the gods.  When we truly are the best Pagan we can be, we are sure to be blessed.  


Something to Think about, 
from the priest of Seekers Temple 

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