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Seekers Temple can provide these items in appreciation for your donations.
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All donations go to our efforts to educate and help the community.
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Chakras the Seven Doors of Energy
29.00 USD

These crystals are only the first step towards the great potential that can be gained from the knowledge of one`s own chakra and their virtues, as well as from the knowledge of crystals. This book, in fact, will guide you in gaining a deeper knowledge of crystals and chakras.

Camelot Oracle (out of stock)
28.00 USD

Working with the oracle cards and the Map of The Lands Adventurous. Your chosen path leads to a place of significance where your challenger waits to hear your questions. Consulting the guidebook will reveal the answers and the guidance you require.

Pocket Goddess Tarot
14.00 USD

As rich in symbolism as it is in beauty, the 78-card Pocket Goddess Tarot deck is an instrument for personal growth and an essential tool of empowerment and transformation for people everywhere.

Tarot for Everyone
24.00 USD

Perfect for beginners, this boxed set features the popular Universal Tarot deck and a book introducing this ancient practice. Boxed kit includes 78 full-color cards and 64-page book

Wicca Cards (out of stock)
11.00 USD

Originally included in the Wicca Divination Kit, this deck is based on Wiccan traditions and beliefs. Also woven into the richly detailed artwork are symbols from astrology and sacred rune stones. Boxed deck (2¾ x 4¾) includes 45 full-color cards and instruction booklet.

Psychic Circle
26.00 USD

The Psychic Circle is a powerful tool for problem solving, decision making, inspiration, and wisdom. Use it to find insightful answers to your every question. he box contains: 18" x 18" full color Psychic Circle board, Magical Message Indicator, Companion book with complete instructions.

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All donations go to our efforts to educate and help the community


Thank you for your support of Seekers Temple

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