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ABC Book of Shadows (out of stock)
9.00 USD

ABC Book of Shadows By Katie Lydon Olivares
Uses whimsical and delicate illustrations, and presents the alphabet while celebrating the magick and ritual of the ways of witchcraft.
A delightfully rhyming book, which includes a Witches' Glossary of Terms.

ABCs of Lesser-Known Goddesses(out of stock)
6.00 USD

Most have heard of Athena, Diana, Bridget, Venus and Morgana.
But have you heard of Bachue, Pax, Nike or Opet?
Here is a coloring book of 26 lesser-know goddesses to color and learn about.

Fairies: A Magical Guide to the Enchanted Realm (out of stock)
9.00 USD

As all children know, and adults rarely understand, fairies are everywhere - in your garden, in the woods and even in your house!
This is a guide to the many fairies and their activities that your children will love!

Where's the Fairy? (out of stock)
14.00 USD

A girl-power twist with an all-female cast. Molly, Grandma, and the ever-faithful dog, Pebbles, go on an epic voyage to find fairies. But where are the magical creatures hiding? Only Pebbles can tell..

Hanuman's Journey to the Medicine Mountain
14.00 USD

The adventures of the magical monkey Hanuman, beloved in India as the devoted helper of Ram, hero of the Hindu epic tale the Ramayana

Greek Myths
6.00 USD

Retold from the classic originals so young readers can experience the wonder of timeless stories from an early age.
Abridged for easier reading and carefully rewritten, each classic story is filled with all the magic and excitement that made the original stories beloved favorites.

Isis and Osiris (out of stock)
7.00 USD

Isis and Osiris have never trusted their brother, Set.
When Set hosts a huge banquet for Osiris, Isis is worried.
Osiris falls for Set's trickery and is separated from his beloved Isis.
Will Isis be able to save Osiris?

The Magic Gum Tree (out of stock)
6.00 USD

A Children's Fantasy Story About Meditation.
Honey, Felix and Timber, three possums from Australia, accidentally gain the power to travel through time and begin a journey to become wizards.
A perfect book for parents to read to their kindergarteners and preschool children.

The Star-Bearer
8.00 USD

A Creation Story from Ancient Egypt of how the godchild Atum emerged fro the inky silence to begin his work of creation.
And how he made the playful gods of Air and Rain, followed by Geb and Nut who he had no choice but to force apart.

Rupert's Tale wheel of the year activity book
9.00 USD

Coloring pages, puzzles, and games follow lovable Rupert the rabbit and all his friends as they learn about the 8 seasonal holidays of the Wheel of the Year.

Understanding Egyptian Myths
9.00 USD

Explore the roles and relationships of the heroes and gods in ancient Egyptian legends. Including 'The Journey of the Sun God', 'The Secret Name of Ra", and
'The Murder of Osiris'.
All retold, describing how these stories helped people interpret their world.

The Viking Codex (out of stock)
7.00 USD

Sail the wild Atlantic in a longboat with Eric the Red and his son Leif Eriksson. They risked the stormy seas to reach strange new lands, becoming the first Europeans to set foot in North America. Explore their daily lives in this richly illustrated Codex.

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