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Seekers     Temple

A Pagan Temple and Store

Seekers Temple has an open floor teaching.  

All are welcome to teach and learn, no matter your path.  

We focus on a Pagan lifestyle without the influence of Monotheism.  


We teach Undiluted Paganism as

it was before the idea of the "One True God".  
(Yes, we mean Undiluted and not Undeluded.  

It is our position that the Church has added and mixed so much information that is simply not true about their god and man-god that the truth has become unrecognizable to most people).  


We encourage the daily care of the body and worship of the gods

through the practice of Yoga, Meditation, Prayer, and Diet.  


We view the gods as flesh and bone, with all the qualities of any humanoid, 

but possessing a longer lifespan, due to a far greater technology

and the freedom from the harmful atmosphere of Earth.  


We believe the gods found and populated this world and

are not some omnipotent being who made everything.  


We do not view the gods as omnipresent but rather believe they must be approached and called upon if one is to have a working relationship with them.  


We believe the very definition of 'god', among other words, has been changed

by the Church and we choose to not accept these false definitions.  

Rather we hold to the definitions of the old days when a

god was simply someone who came from the heavens.  

High Priest:

Bert is a true mountain wizard.  

He grew up in the woods of Arkansas

without modern things like electricity and running water

to get in the way of the simple things in life.


High Priestess:

Felicia is an Egyptologist, Occultist and talented Tarot Reader.

(Readings by Appointment $30.00)


Together, they founded Seekers Temple

on 2008 Dec 13

Seekers Temple is a Non-Profit Pagan Temple

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We welcome everyone to teach and learn, no matter your path


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